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Does AWD use more gas?

All-wheel drive vehicles are notorious for poor gas mileage for a couple of reasons. Since AWDs are hundreds of pounds heavier than RWDs or FWDs, they use more gas than lighter vehicles. Also, the engines of heavier vehicles must work harder. This extra work by the engine will reduce its gas mileage. Where is the…

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Do Citroen use Peugeot engines?

It has engines (Petrol) co-developed by both manufacturers but built by Peugeot. The Diesel seems to be a development of the Peugeot unit too. Previous generation Mini had a Toyota diesel. Citroen use Peuegeot engines, as they're part of the same Company, not dissimilar to VAG group cars. Is the 5008 an SUV? The Peugeot…

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What has replaced the CD player?

The Rise of MP3 Players and Streaming Services Streaming services (such as Spotify) have now taken over the top spot — outselling digital downloads and CDs in 2016, and they continue to grow. Are car seats Safe in third row? A child properly restrained in the third row is quite safe, at least as safe…

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Where is the Colour code on a Peugeot?

As with most car manufacturers Peugeot paint codes can be found in several locations. The most popular is inside the drivers side door shut on a white and silver sticker. On some models it will be in by the hinges of the door (where the door hangs). Are 3-cylinder turbo engines any good? A 3…

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Does Peugeot grip control work?

Grip Control running in Snow Mode has been demonstrated perfectly by Peugeot as they took a 2008 up the Tamworth Snowdome with ease. This ordinarily difficult task was handled perfectly by the 2008 and proves that Grip Control is a must in extreme winter weather. How often should fuel injectors be replaced? Some fuel injectors…

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How do I connect my Bluetooth to my Peugeot?

Connect your Android Phone Turn on the Bluetooth® to pair and sync your contacts with your car. Connect your Android Phone easily, using the cable supplied with your phone, via the USB socket. Depending on your car model, press the Menu button or the Connectivity button then select Android Auto. What is Peugeot Blue HDi?…

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